Oatmeal Savings and Convience

I saved a little I think but definitely made it easier for morning or snack time.

I took regular oatmeal in the can and measured out 1/3 cup into small sandwich ziplocks. Then added sweetener and some spices. I like cinnamon and apple pie spice. Then wrote on the bag “add 2/3 C water”.

Now I only have to grab a bag empty into bowl add water and microwave! Yes, I could buy the premade packets but they are pricey and I can make my own flavors this way.

The box (can) says one serving is 1/2 cup dry for 150 calories. I want it in 100 calories servings so it is 1/3 cup. It is plenty for a breakfast or easy 100 calorie snack.

Easy to take with you too!


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