Lemons are my friends….

OK, I didn’t know anything thing about this till I saw a post on LowCarbFriends.com.  It has to do with alkalinity.

Piratejenny ~ “Fresh limes & lemons work, too. They’re not alkaline themselves, obviously, but the effect on the body is alkalizing. A few days ago, my BG was 125 a few hours after lunch; I squeezed an entire lime into a glass of iced tea, and 2 hours later, my BG was 80!

ACV Apple Cider Vinegar is suppose to have the same effect but I would much rather drink Lemon I my water. 

So yesterday I added either RealLemon from the green bottle to my water or a couple slices of fresh lemon squeezed and my sugars were down all day.  Even after having a piece of shoo fly pie (oopppss) after dinner for Bob’s birthday.  My BS this morning was 87.  And after having an english muffin, egg, and sausage for breakfast my blood sugar was 77 before lunch!  I hope this lasts.  It is so easy to add lemon to your water. 

I wanted to post this so if anyone else wanted to try it.

I stayed hydrated yesterday too because I wanted to drink, did I say that?  I always have a hard time staying hydrated, which could be another reason the BS’s were low. 

I don’t know but I’m going to stick with it.


2 thoughts on “Lemons are my friends….

  1. Did you know that the 17-day diet advises us to have a glass of warm water with a half lemon squeezed into it the minute you get up in the morning? I’ve startd doing this and was surprosed it tasted fine! Am losing weight, too 🙂

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